Objects of adornment

Behold these spectacular gold funerary sandals:  invented by the Egyptians for the afterlife.  They are used for that most casual of reasons: to beautify yourself, and for that most weighty of objectives: as an investment for the afterlife.  Jewels go back back in time to the dawn of civilization.  [...]

Jewellery in Astrology

In Hindu astrology, the word graha means "to seize."  The nine planets or nava-grahas seize people at different parts of their life and influence them either positively or negatively. Gemology is about using gems to alleviate the effects of these planets. Some people say that a gem needs to be of at least two [...]

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Urmila Sathyanarayanan

Jewellery was always part of giving a reward in our family.  We would procure and wear a piece of jewellery, whether new or handed-down on important occasions.  If I did well at school, or for birthdays or arangetrams, jewellery played an important role. I can remember that I got a pair of jhumkis [...]

Ahalya S.

 As a child, I was always interested in getting dressed up.  The women in my family were very simple. My grandmother had earrings, gold bangles, mangalsutra.  My mother, a few pieces more than that. The first time we indulged in jewellery shopping properly was when my brother got married.      [...]

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