What are some favourite pieces of jewellery?

The Gaylord necklace

Urmila with her students

The two headed bird

Can you tell us a little bit about your family?

Here's a funny story:

If you could commission a piece of jewellery

(cost no bar), what would you want made-- for yourself or your descendants?
Urmila in a diamond addigai

What are your memories of jewellery growing up in a family such as yours?

Mango necklace

Urmila in a classic manga-malai with mango motif

What heirlooms would you pass on?

Urmila's daughter Samyukta

Jewels in Tamil culture

What do you relish about the act of wearing jewellery?

Urmila and her daughter, Samyukta

My grandmother's ring

Who is the style or jewellery icon that you look up to?