A shrine containing snake gods, Hanuman and the peepul tree, considered holy in Hinduism.

The seven underground worlds

pleasure palaces

Heaven, earth and underworld

Swarga, Prithvi and Patalam
Snake worship in Bangalore

Why did humans worship snakes?

Across multiple cultures?

Snakes suffuse myths

from African to Aztec cultures

Language of the Snakes

Prakrit, not Sanskrit

This snake pit in Bangalore

lies in the middle of a cemetary
A snake hill in Bangalore in the back of a cemetary

The man in the photo is Dheena

Says that snake pits are born of cow dung

Snakes guarding caves

filled with jewels

Snakes and the spirit

Fierce snake goddesses

worshipped by pregnant women

Sleeping on a snake

in the milky ocean

Snake rising up the spine

called the kundalini

The swastika symbol which Hindus consider holy began with a snake.