The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Spell 39 to repel evil snakes

Snake protecting a God

a common motif in Eastern faiths

Snakes in water

moving through the mists of time

The givers of fertility

for crops and women

Snake as a churner of the oceans

to get amrit or nectar of immortality

Chinese mythology

snakes invented marriages

The rod of Asclepius

or was it Hermes?

A sign with snakes

दूर्जन: परिहर्तव्यो विद्ययाऽलङ्कॄतोऽपि सन्ज्ञन्ब्स्प; | 

मणिना भूषित: सर्प: किमसौ न भयङ्कर:ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प; ||

One should avoid crooked person even if he/she is educated. Isn’t snake adorned with gem, dangerous?

Sanskrit Subhashita (or Saying)