An old Konyak warrior with a tattooed face.

The Indian spectrum

spans a stunning range of jewellery

From black beads to conch shells

Gold tiger's claw necklace with heart pendant
Prayer necklaces made with semi precious gems and crystal beads

Consider the ornaments available in India

Amulets and Ornaments

Gold tiger claw necklace.
Bullukku. Nose pendant.

Dangling nose rings in gold and silver

Flowers on arms

Vanki Armband. 18th century.
The Carew Spinal

The list continues

Bespoke luxury

customized to person and occasion
Nath. Nose ring.

A mangalsutra in India is a sacrosanct symbol of marriage. The same goes for toe rings and nose rings.  

The film Bajirao Mastani brought the beautiful jewellery of the Peshwas into soft focus.

Not too many Maharashtrian women I know wear the nath, the beautiful nose ring.  But they should. They own it after all. 

Nath. Nose ring.

Often, a bride was blessed by the jewellery she wore:

“May your nath be ever present,” “May your mangalsutra outlast you.”

Parts of this article were first published in Mint Lounge