The origin of amulets

it began with nature

Inquire about your neighbour before you build

and your companion before you travel
Wedjat Eye Amulet,ca. 1070–664 B.C. Wedjat eye amulets were among the most poular amulets of ancient Egypt. The wedjat eye represents the healed eye of the god Horus and embodies healing power as well as regeneration and protection in general.

Humans devised elaborate ornaments and rituals to remove the evil eye…from their homes, family and themselves.

Often, it involved wearing jewellery.

He who gazeth at the sky

might stumble on the earth

Karugu mani for protection

Black beads are the first ornament given to brides

Solve your problems with a sheaf of wheat

Hung in the threshold of your home

Consider this recipe for an amulet based on the Atharva Veda, which by the way, is full of magical charms and amulets.

Allow a bilva twig to sit in a concoction of ghee and honey.

Chant the mantra, “grhtad ulluptaha,” (snatched out of ghee) and tie the twig on your hand.

It will protect you from all manner of illnesses and enemies.

Gems that connect to planets

are often used as amulets

The why and how of amulets

The earth that holds treasures manifold in secret places, wealth, jewels, and gold shall she give to me; she that bestows wealth liberally, the kindly goddess, wealth shall she bestow upon us!

Atharva Veda