Is there a connection between jewellery and a woman's health?

According to ancient Tamilians, there is.

Heavy earrings that pull and lengthen the ears are linked to fertility, childbirth and health.

Jeweller Ravi Kumar explains the tradition behind the heavy abstract-shaped earrings that women in South Tamilnadu, particularly Tirunelveli districts used to wear.

Some poignant points: these earrings were like an investment for the women.

“In some families, people used to wait for the grandmother to die to get to her Pampadam earrings, he says.

Jeweller Govindaraju explains a Tamil proverb.

“Kaatha valathuka-di.  Illatti kann theriyama poyidum,” they would say.

“Grow your ears, little one.  Otherwise, later, you may not be able to see.”

Will these ancient earring traditions come back in fashion?

Well, that depends on you, dear reader.

Add a pampadam, thandatti or savudi earring to your trousseau maybe?

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