Sujatha Suresh

I have loved jewellery from the time I was very young. My memories of Pati, my maternal grandmother,  in the red uncut ruby lotus necklace are myriad - weddings, family functions. Even today when I think of summers with her, the memories are entwined with this gorgeous lotus necklace. My hugging her as I [...]

From Burma to Tamilnadu: The Tale of a Ruby

Rubies spark fire.  Evoke passions.  Are mysterious. Mined in Tanzania and Thailand, Afghanistan and Kashmiri Pakistan, Ceylon and Burma, rubies have long been the most favoured gemstone of Tamilians. They have been quoted in ancient Tamil epics like Manimekalai and Silappadikaaram. Temple courtesans or thevar-adiyal were named Manikkam or Precious Ruby. [...]

Welcome to our Tamilnadu Edition

What can I tell you about Tamilnadu? The land of my birth. Madurai Malli (jasmine), Kumbakonam degree coffee,  Ambur Thalapakatti biriyani, Kanchipuram silk, and the Kaveri delta. The sari-clad matron grudgingly accepts the cellophane-wrapped plastic bag from the jewellery salesman behind the counter. “No calendar?” she asks. This then [...]

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