Tamil Weddings

are about four things

Bridal jewellery

Sacred Rituals: markers of milestones

Bridal jewellery

Bridal jewellery

The lover says, I will take her but she has to remove her thaali or mangalsutra.

Does she do it? Does she go back to her lover?

Go to 10:00 for the climax

“Māngalyam tantunānena mama jeevana hetunāh || Kanthe badhnāmi subhage twam jeeva saradā satam”

“O my bride, the source of all my spiritual riches, I tie this auspicious thread around your neck, which shall be the foundation of my life (hence forth). I bless that you may live for hundred years. (And by this, I am blessed too as I pledge to be your partner in life)”